Friday, September 25, 2009

The joy of catalyzing human transformation

This is my maiden attempt at blogging .

Barely eight weeks back I was placed in front of a bunch of 23 students who were grappling with  the realities of the world they were aspiring to set their foot into as professional managers. 

They volunteered happily to learn to be comfortable with their state of discomfort. Week after week, they encountered new challenges to a learning design they were unfamiliar with . Yet they pressed ahead undaunted to explore the professed limits to their own vulnerability; they emerged victorious and more energized to take on more after every such encounter with their self limiting tendencies..

It was a fulfilling moment to watch them turn their key from deep within, discover the resources they held in reserve and launch themselves to greater heights of challenge.

Could one have asked for more?


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  2. Sir! Welcome to the world of blogging! Happy to read your first post and yeppie i am the first to comment:)

  3. He he he.... Ourfirst thought catalyst!! U were real gud at that!!