Sunday, March 23, 2014

Karthik Vengatesan's: Non Value Creation - The Flipkart Way

Karthik Vengatesan's: Non Value Creation - The Flipkart Way: While I was introduced to Lean Concepts at Cognizant, there were three important terms that was explained. Value added activities - those a...

Karthik, just to supplement your wonderful observations on FLIP KART, here are the five ways to compute the arithmetic of Value creation.

1. Value addition - Employment - Input + value add= Value added output

2. Value erosion - Investment in any hardware that depreciates with time - Like a car : Real time resale value always less than real time purchase value

3. Value division - Tragedy of commons- Ancestral Property gets divided and subdivided with every generation until the value of the parts gets infinitely smaller than the value of the whole - Same applies to politics and brand equity.

4. Value multiplication - Customer loyalty that grows the intrinsic value organically with time and

5. Value exponentiation - Education -pay once and enjoy accelerated rental value for life.

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