Sunday, December 19, 2010


A garden does not become great, merely by sprinkling it with enriched seeds and left to be taken care of by itself. It is great gardeners that groom them into a beautiful feast for the eyes and a timeless treasure to behold, for the future generations to savor.

Likewise, without the inspiration, nurturance and the guidance of the board members, it is almost impossible to build great corporations. I was privileged to share twenty-five illuminating instances from my work life, that highlighted the insightful contributions the board members made to their shareholders and employees.

From some of the queries, criticisms and generous comments from readers like you, I drew the inspiration to carry on with my notes. I do hope, the contribution here, however humble it be, was found useful. As I draw this series to a close, I do hope you found parallels in your own organizations too. I do wish that these ideas stimulate your future as much as they did to me.I wish to thank you for your esteemed patronage.

I conclude this series with the fond hope that these columns would continue to be a source of inspiration and wealth aggregation for the times to come.

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