Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Fun work way

I grew up through my adolescent years very much envious of the grown ups. 

While I had to suffer through parental controls at home, peer pressures at the play ground and the demands of the teachers at school, the elders seemed to have all the fun. 
They had no one to approve of what they wore, ate or did. 
I could not wait to grow up faster. 

Now that I am a grown up entity myself, the idea of fun continues to elude most of us.
Strangely, I find that the children have all the fun today while it is the elders that lament most about not having the freedom to do what they enjoy doing most. 

Ravi has a brilliant mind and is a wizard with numbers. 
At 28 , he is not sure whether he is better off starting a new venture in India or accepting a six figure salary with a US based insurance company that wants him to set up an actuarial practice. 
He finds both of them equally attractive and yet, equally risky. 
He has been postponing the inevitable for over 9 months now. 
Reason: He is not sure which of the two will be the right decision. 

Dharam runs a successful BPO. 
He has built up the company in ten short years into a 100 Million $ enterprise. 
He is a workaholic and keen to go for a Public issue and join the half a Billion $ league by 2015. 
He drove himself so hard that he has been through two by pass surgeries before he turned 35 last December. His family and doctors want him to slow down. 
Instead, his venture capital appointed partners want him to speed up. 
Suddenly all the fun has gone out and no one else wants to carry the ball. 
He feels all alone and is shy to admit his state of helplessness.
He is too overwhelmed to decide what he should do with himself for the rest of his life. 

Suket was a brilliant flight instructor with the Indian Air Force. 
He coveted a PVSM from the President of India before his retirement in 2010. 
Upon invitation from his schoolmate, he accepted the job as a HR head for the company. 
Things seemed to go well until last Christmas.
His friends company was bought over by a larger firm. 
The management has changed hands. 
He knows that the new management team is actively on the look out for a younger HR Head but have not told him about it yet. Suket needs the job because he cannot maintain his lifestyle on the pension from the Armed Forces. He is too embarrassed to admit his dependence on a steady job in the public.
More importantly, he is totally unused to Monster. com and
How does one make a resume, float it on the net and face the interviews conducted by people less than half his age? He is also afraid of upsetting his wife who has just about managed to get comfortable with Civilian life. 
Suket wonders if he can hope to put the fun back into his life. 

In the strictest of confidence they ask: ‘Please, give me some candid advice.’
Can you help them?

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