Monday, April 14, 2014


Happy’s dilemma.
How to put the fun back into managing his business? 

Until sometime back, business was sheer fun for Happy. 
Not so now.
And therein lay the problem. 
Quite like owning a BMW, his misery or happiness originated from the choices he made.  He realized that unless he understood the consequences of his choices, he may never be able to make it worthwhile. 

First, he discovered that there was a dilemma to be dealt with: 
If he were to assume his business to be like the BMW he owned, it was no fun owning an expensive possession that gave him no joy. It simply made no sense owning something for the sake of owning and losing whatever we had. So,one choice would be to  suffer it and live with it. He could hold on to it! 
On the other hand, he wondered it it was wise to continue when misery was the only guarantee. 
Was he so powerless that he could not find a way out of a boring routine? 

Second, he chose to think differently.
‘Imagine. What if I could break free from that dilemma? What if I could restore the pride of ownership without losing the joy of enterprise?’ he wondered to himself!

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? 

Yes it is, indeed!
Business Twenty20 helped Happy make that mind shift. 
It can help us think differently and productively.

It may be challenging at first but can get seductively simpler and more enjoyable if we persist with the tough minded thinking it calls for. It encourages everyone, more particularly the owners of the business, to explore their options with an altered  perspective. 

From an either-or perspective, to a both-and perspective.  

Why should we be so concerned? 
Because it is our life and we owe it all to ourselves.
Because we are in competition with tough minded stakeholders. 
If we don’t think tough, we will merely work to our own disadvantage and help our competitors choke us out of our own existence. Our mindset dictates not only our own destiny but the fortunes of all those who look up to us to lead them. 
They trust us. 
The privilege of leading them comes with an obligation to out-think ourselves and vindicate the faith they have reposed in us.

Business Twenty20 is an illustrated business novel. 
But the subject is no fiction. 
It is real and, concerns all of us.
The novel is based on day to day dilemmas and offers insights on how to resolve them gainfully. 

Who may the owners be? 
Founder business owners, Solopreneures, Profit center managers and country heads and Subject Matter Experts who offer techno-managerial expertise or provide professional advice to their clients. 

We may think we are not the owners. 
Think again! 
We all are, and it concerns all of us.

Let Harpreet ‘Happy’ Singh guide us through the journey of life and light up a joyous future!

Get ready to watch this space tomorrow!

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