Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From fortune hunting to institution building!

Happy is the Founder & CEO of 

NEMCO - New Era Manufacturing Company.

Happy had to drop out of school to start a business of his own. 
Unlike most of us, he could not go to college, graduate and take up a comfortable and steady paying job. 
He had to learn to survive the hard way. 
Everyday was an adventure in survival and he learned some very difficult lessons that were served up to him by  the school of hard knocks. 
Everyday was an examination he had to pass or face the prospect of failing with merciless consistency.

He grew up admiring the several companies that started around the same time as he did, but went on from being an ordinary, small and medium enterprise to becoming big and extraordinary. 

He wondered to himself, ‘After all, we all of us are in it to make money and hunt for our fortunes. All of us are braving the same battles of daily shortages, perpetual scarcity, endless queues for basic amenities, limited allowances for capital investment at painfully high rates of interest that discouraged enterprise.’
To cap it all, there was the  plethora of quotas, permits and licenses that were monopolized by the wealthy few and sold off at a premium to the underprivileged many. 

Curiously, while many fell by the wayside, a few not only managed to survive but went on to grow and become enviably everlasting. Could he also build NEMCO into an everlasting company?

Happy knew that great leaders were doing something differently to make their companies everlasting. 
When he asked his friends around, nobody would tell him. 
May be they did not know or want to find out.

Happy was undeterred. 
He simply had to know.
So, he resolved to find it out for himself. 
After all, ‘If they could, why can't he.’ he wondered to himself.
He wanted to crack the mystery and the magic underlying these everlasting entities.

Are we ready to graduate from being a mere fortune hunter to becoming an institution builder?  


  1. Good Intro in your characteristic language - To move further one has to accept there is a science and strategy of success rather than just effort and luck !
    Will look forward to your future blogs !

  2. Thank you Balan,
    Science and strategy for success are held unique by each of us.
    I do hope that my views will invoke others to share their insights as well
    Thank you and look for ward to your continued patronage